D-fa: Gear for Dogs

D is for Dogs

Imagine your favourite outdoor brand made jackets and gear for your dog. Jackets to keep your dog dry and warm, buoyancy aids that help keep your dog afloat, dog coats that keep them visible on night manoeuvres, dog gear that breathes, insulates, protects and allows dogs to move freely.

D-fa Dogs engineers dog jackets and dog gear using the same fabrics and design principles that brands like the North Face®, Ice-Breaker™ or Marmot® make for you. We use Schoeller Reflex® and Dynatec® for visibility and durability, Hydrotex™ soft shells for comfort, Thinsulate™ for warmth, Pertex™ to reduce weight and New Zealand Merino for all of its natural wonders.

D is for DOG. It’s that simple. We are inspired by DOG every day; big dogs, little dogs, pedigrees and marvellous mutts all out living, working and playing... doggy style.

Our dog gear makes it feel good to be a dog, wherever your adventures take you. Around the block, to the park, into the wilderness.

Because we’d rather be chasing rabbits and fetching sticks than updating a dog-blog, we use Facebook - or ButtSniff as we prefer to call it - to share the musings of D-fa Dogs and keep in touch with the world.

So if you’re a social dog and want to be part of our canine-conversation, here it is …