D-fa: Gear for Dogs

D-fa Design

So, we hear you ask, what makes a D-fa dog jacket or piece of equipment different to other brands? 
Here’s what:  

Unconditional, In All Conditions™  
Your dog’s love for you is unconditional – they will follow you wherever you go, whatever the conditions. In doing so they push the limits of what nature intended and test the merits of fur well beyond its limits.   Whatever the conditions, a walk on a dark, wet night; an expedition to the back-country or a journey down a river dogs deserve to be safe and comfortable.  We believe that the stuff you buy your dog should be as good as the gear you buy yourself.    

Things you’ll dig about our D-fa-Designs

There Are No Straight Lines On A Dog

There are no straight lines on a dog, so there are no straight lines on our dog jackets.  Every panel on our dog jackets is curved and tapered to achieve a good fit across a wide range of body shapes – deep chests, broad shoulders, narrow waists and combinations of these.   Even our buckles are placed on angles to make sure that they follow the line of the dog rather than interrupt it. We do more than stitch our jackets to look curved; we cut every panel to shape the jacket and fit your dog.   Curves are less economical to make, but more ergonomic to wear. We figure you spend more time wearing a jacket than we do making it, so we feel the curves are well worth the extra effort from us.    

Better Fabrics, Better Performance
The better the fabric, the better the performance of the gear. Dogs don’t naturally wear ‘clothes’ so we figure that if you’re going to dress them you need to do it with gear that is light and doesn’t encumber their movement. Every fabric we choose is selected on the basis of what it does (insulate, protect, highlight) and how it does it e.g. is it light, durable, washable, will fur stick to it, does it adjust to different temperatures?   We combine the right fabrics for the job with careful design to create dog jackets and equipment that performs like the best of your gear.  

What Would DOG Do?
We spend a lot of time watching dogs doing stuff. Playing, working, curling up to sleep, turning in excited circles on their leads, and evading their owners as they try to attach them to leads using fiddly bull-clips. All of this inspires and directs us as we design our dog gear.   These observations lead us to things like the ‘Bone Zone’ in the Puff-Doggy which evens out insulation across different zones of the body when curled rest; and the swivelling carabiner in our leads that turns with your dog instead of winding up your lead and is much easier to attach to a collar than a traditional bull clip. It led us to the chest panel with cut away shoulders to allow free movement at play while holding the jacket firmly in place and protecting the chest and belly.   In every design we ask ourselves, what would DOG do?  

A Velcro and Zipper Free Zone
Our observations of dogs led us away from zippers and Velcro and into the world of cam lock buckles and better-by-design fittings. Velcro is a wonderful invention, but not if you are covered in hair which you shed at the slightest provocation. Zips work, but not when you’re furry and too excited to stand still while someone does it up for you.  

We Test It – A Lot – On Real Dogs, In Real Conditions
It sounds stupid, but we test our gear in real conditions before we launch it. We look for how it washes, wears, performs and fits. We test it on dogs doing real doggy stuff, we try to find its limits, wash it (lots) and then wear it some more. Check out our Dogs of D-fa to meet some of our tester dogs.        

It’s Only Fur  

We all know our dog is the best dog in the world. Under the fur beats the heart of a hero and the bravery of a warrior. Big, small, pure or eclectically bred our dogs are super-human.     However, our dogs are not super-heroes. Their fur does not make them impervious to cold, illuminate them in low light, able to swim in rough water, or survive in any conditions.  It’s only fur. If it was that good we’d all wear it, all the time, for everything. But it’s not. It’s only fur.