LittleDfa's Adventure
  Who Is LittleDfa?

Can a dog with buttons for eyes and no opposable thumbs Twitter and Tweet his way around the world through the actions of members of the outdoor and on-line communities? Will this little stuffed doggie be able to traverse the great continents under the power of human connections?  

Some say his coat of black vinyl was recycled from the jacket used in the filming of The Matrix, and that the Birkenstock shoe is modeled on the biomechanics of his left front paw. Others claim that although he is small and without real eyes, he stared down Anna Wintour at a protest against the use of fur in the fashion industry.   

We just know him as LittleDfa.  

Far from his small home town of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, we’re sending LittleDfa on a very big adventure. Our point? To prove that in this brave new world of technology and with a bit of old-fashioned ‘I know someone who’ know-how, that as long as you have good friends and a great jacket, you don’t need thumbs, a brain, eyeballs or even a heartbeat to make your way across seven continents.  

Can LittleDfa top his travels of 2009 to Antarctica with a traverse of the great North American continent? Will he make it to every state? Can he get on TV? Will he be whispered to by Cesar Milan? 
  LittleDfa in Antarctica

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Latest Blog Update: 22nd August 2010

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Help LittleDfa on his Journey

Be part of his adventure - without you, he is trapped and alone (cue big sigh ...)

LittleDfa’s only appetite is for adventure and he survives on the warmth of human kindness. He requires no food or water and will not shed on your carpet. He does not get travel sick.  

All he needs is to be taken to new and/or interesting* places, to meet fascinating and/or nice people, and to have his photo taken and posted on the internet so we can follow his adventure.

When you meet LittleDfa  you become his temporary guardian and adventure buddy. Please take him to meet your dog, your friends or a local celebrity. Maybe seek out a fabulous place or attraction in your town you’d like to make world famous.

The first important bit is:

Use your opposable thumbs to take a photo and upload that photo as soon as you can by:  
  • Sending an email to littledfa@d-fa.com with the picture and some information on where it’s taken that we can use in our updates.
  • Use Twitpic to circulate the photo and add some details about where you are in the world.
The second important bit is:
As soon as you have done this, pass him on to someone going somewhere interesting who you trust to keep him moving and to post his pictures. Either use your personal network to keep his adventure moving or, if he becomes stranded, let us know and we’ll alert his followers to rescue him.  

Our goal is to have him post a new meeting, greeting or adventure every few days. We will be updating his LittleDfa-dog-blog with each new adventure at www.d-fadogs.com.   

The more people we connect together, the greater his adventure.
Of course, we’d not put him out in the cold world without the best dog jacket of all time on his back. LittleDfa will be wearing D-fa’s Ice Barker 100% Merino Jacket, the ultimate in all-condition wear for his journey. We’ll be mapping his progress on a virtual passport through our website, Twitter and Facebook where curious human-folk will be able to follow his progress.  

*Note that the terms fascinating and interesting are all relative to LittleDfa. As you know for a dog, pretty much anything beyond the fence is adventure.