The Dogs of D-fa® Pack
  Who Let The Dogs Out?

Before releasing a product to market we unleash the dogs of D-fa® to test products in a range of conditions and applications. Our development dogs range from a Ruff Tuff Powder Puff to a bona fide search and rescue dog. Our pack grows every day as we discover new dogs and their handlers living the D-fa® dogma.

JACK - Rhodesian Ridgeback, 9 years, Libra
Jack was the original inspiration for D-fa®.

Being a natural heat seeker, Jack found the winters in Wanaka a little cold for his comfort and hard on his ageing joints. So, inspired by his shivering, the first D-fa® was made using scraps of merino left over from a run of white-water kayaking clothing.
When not fulfilling his duties as ‘director of homeland security’ for his Wanaka home, Jack enjoys mountain biking, swimming, long walks by the lake and lying in front of the fire.

ZOE - The Black Labrador, 4 years, Virgo
Don’t let the soft eyes and playful manner of Zoe fool you. Beneath the glossy exterior lies the stealth and cunning of a seasoned gun dog that can retrieve a duck through swampy waters on a murky May morning and carry a ripe avocado in her mouth without leaving a mark.

Equipped with brains, beauty and courage, Zoe is the poster girl for D-fa®. She embodies everything a D-fa-dog should be - a workmate, a playmate, a professional and a goofball. Zoe lives with her family in Albert Town, New Zealand.

BLIZZARD - Southern Lakes Alpine Rescue Dog, 8 years, Capricorn
Blizzid and her handler Matt Gunn of Wanaka are handy people to know if you like to go beyond the backcountry. At 8 years Bliz is a veteran of the alpine scene and likes nothing better than to find people buried deep in the snow. She is fearless, gorgeous, smarter than George Clooney in a tuxedo (and a whole lot more useful) and we are proud to call her a D-fa-dog.

D-fa® are pleased as punch to be sponsors of the Treble Cone Search Dogs.

ENVY - The Working Dog, 4 years, Sagittarius
Envy is the leader of her pack of five working dogs and has the number plate on her truck to prove it. Were she a human, Envy would be running her own corporation and barking commands at her minions.

Her no-nonsense approach to work and play leaves others in no doubt as to her status, but catch her off guard and you will see a clown-like quality and a much softer side to this serious Sagittarius and top bitch.

RUFF TOUGH POWDER PUFF - Bichon Frise, Agility Wonderdog, 3 years, Sagittarius
Ruff Tuff Powder Puff  
RTPP or Jonty, as he is known to his pack, proves that we are for all D-fas great and small. Described by some as a 6-volt dog with a 12-volt battery, Jonty is anything but the ‘curly lap dog’ that is the literal translation of the breed name.

Jonty willfully demonstrates that white dogs can jump, that a handbag is no place for a dog, and brings a little je ne sais quoi to the agility world and the rag-tag D-fa® pack.

ANNIE - The Rhodesian Ridgeback, 6 years, Sagittarius
Annie is a relative newcomer to the D-fa™ pack. Her first few years were spent working at the New Zealand Blind Foundation office as a foot warmer and as a ‘distraction’ dog for the puppies in training. Annie’s Ridgeback instincts are strong and she possesses great speed, courage and snoozing abilities. Her career as an open course race dog was short lived due to her preference for knocking other dogs off balance over running in straight lines. Annie now enjoys swimming, mountain biking, snoozing in the sun and eating fruit.

SATCH - The Lockley, 3 Years, Taurus
The love-puppy of a Labrador, Mastiff and Greyhound and bred with pig hunting in mind, Satch is the quintessential hunting dog. He travels on the back of a Hilux utility, eats his dinner off the ground, and sleeps outside at night. There’s nothing sooky about Satch. With his natural instincts for hunting, his intelligence, rangey physique and rugged looks, Satch is a true southern dog. Satch lives with his hunting family in Wanaka, New Zealand.

BADGE - The Doberman, 5 years, Scorpio.
Badge is director of first impressions and guest relations manager at a luxury B&B. Badge is a gentleman of the highest order and his refined good looks, aristocratic appearance and no-nonsense enforcement of regular fire stoking requirements make him popular with guests and management alike. Badge can also be viewed at work at www.fallingleaves.co.nz.

CHAOS - Border Collie, Agility Champion, 7 years, Scorpio.
Legend has it that Chaos used to have an all black face but she moved so fast she pushed the black fur clean off her nose and it’s still trying to catch her. This pint sized, blink-and-you’ll-miss-her champion agility dog is leaping and weaving her way to grand champion status.

Chaos is a winner of trophies on the field and, when in full charm mode, a captor of hearts. We’re proud to call this pocket-rocket a D-fa dog. You can see more of Chaos and her pack at dynamick9s.co.nz

MUD – Lab Collie Cross, Frisbee Fool, 4 years, Pisces.
A strikingly handsome example of the little-known Poharu pedigree, Mud is the acrobat of the D-fa team. With the intensity of a Border Collie and appetite of a Labrador, and well-known for his ability to catch anything that flies, Mud is a spectacular example of D-fa athleticism. Mud lives at Lake Hawea with his family.

FYI Poharu is Maori for mud.